Clinical features of Pregnancy

  1. Amenorrhea (Missed period more than 4 weeks)
  2. A positive urine pregnancy test.
  3. Visualization of a gestational sac on pelvic ultrasound.

Quick calculation of your expected due date (EDD)

  1. Write down the first day of your last menstrual date (LMP).
  2. Add 7 to the ‘day’
  3. Minus 3 from the month.
  4. Add 1 to the year.


If your LMP is on the 10th of July 2009,

your expected due date (EDD) is 17 (10+7) of April  (7-3), 2010 (2009+1)

EDD 17th April 2010.

Role of pelvic ultrasound scan in early pregnancy

It is important to have a pelvic ultrasound in the  first trimester pregnancy for the following reason:

  1. To confirm the pregnancy by visualisation of gestational sac.
  2. To ascertain the location of the pregnancy whether intrauterine or otherwise.
  3. To determine the number of gestation sac and exclude multiple pregnancy.
  4. To assess viability by the presence of fetal heart beat.